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Multi-Image Splicing Processor
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1. Support arbitrary stitching of up to 12 LCDs or DLPs

2. 8 DVI-U inputs (DVI-U supports DVI/HDMI/VGA/CVBS)

Arbitrary layout of 8 images

3.Keys and color display screen on the front panel, allowing quick setting without software installed

4.Support signal echoing and view real-time input and output signals by

       software, enabling WYSIWYG

5.All 60Hz image processing, achieving smooth and non-tearing images

6.Support output port mapping, allowing blind mating.


Multiple Splicing Modes

Arbitrary display of 8 images

HW-81200 can simultaneously display 8 same or different signal images on the splicing screen,

and size, location and hierarchical relationship of each image can be adjusted independently.


CrossInt smart synchronous splicing

HW-81200 has adopted the CrossInt smart splicing technology specially designed for splicing display  

and  all  display  modules  are  locked  by   FST  technology  before synchronous  output,

eliminating the asynchronous display between contents of multiple  modules.

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